V268 Viefly 3 Channel Helicopter with Gyro Cobra RTR Mini RC HELICOPTER Review

This little heli is great!!! i have been flying rc helicopters for 3 years now and this is still my first heli of it’s kind! Its gyro makes it VERY easy to fly and will change course at the slightest touch. When you tell it to go up it will go up exactly where you put the control! you can just let it hover next to you until you send it on a new mission. it has a 25-30 minute charge that lasts a good 10-12 minutes. it is nice that it doesn’t have charge from the controller it charges from your computer or wall, but can still charge from controller when you’re on the run. I have crashed it into A LOT of things and it hasn’t broken yet. if you crash it into a wall it leaves no marks. i have dropped from the top of a 12 foot ceiling and it hit a fan while it came down and still didn’t break. it also didn’t break when i accidentally stopped it about 7 feet in the air and it landed on a wooden floor and bounced down a flight of wooden steps, AND it didn’t break when it hit the fan and plunged 11 feet into a bucket full of water. After all these crashes and more it is still working just like new. I DEFINITELY recommend this for the beginner or any body else. it is super fun to fly!
This Brand New 3 Channel Gyro RC helicopter is a top seller Helicopter in Malls. At 7″ long, it easily fits in the palm of your hand and is fully functional out of the box, equipped with latest Gyroscope technology, which makes this helicopter an instant hot seller in the RC World. ?Miniature Military Helicopter ?Fun for all ages ?New Gyro System for precise movement ?Gyro system also provides stable hovering ?Trim Control ?Great for indoor play ?Travel Friendly (charge from transmitter In the Box ?V268 Mini Military Helicopter ?3 Channel Radio Controller ?Length:: 5 inches Width:: 2 inches Height:: 3 inches Frequency:: Triband (A,B,C) Power System:: Lipo Battery Radio System:: 3 Channel Radio Controller Charge Time:: 15-20 minutes Run Time:: Approx 7-10 minutes Max Distance:: 20-40 ft
V viefly channel helicopter with gyro cobra rtr mini rc helicopter review1 V268 Viefly 3 Channel Helicopter with Gyro Cobra RTR Mini RC HELICOPTER Review