US Ship Walkera Master CP 200 Size Electric Rc Helicopter

  • Walkera Master CP FBL Rc Helicopter W/ 6 axis Control, WITHOUT TRANSMITTER, BATTERY
  • No Transmitter included, No battery charger included
  • Great 3D Beginner Bird with walkera latest 6 axis control system
  • Will work with Walkera Devo 7, Devo 7E, Devo 8(s), Devo 10, Devo 12s Radios, radio not included
  • super stable flight and easy to maintenance

Specification: 1).Main Rotor Diameter: 462mm 2).Tail Rotor Diameter: 113 mm 3).Overall Length: 440mm 4).All-up Weight: 420g 5).Battery: 11.1V 1000mAh Li-Po (not included) 6).Moril Motor: 380PF 7).Tail Motor: 1627PF 8).GYRO: 6-axis 9).Receiver: RX-2637H-D 10).Servo: WK-7.6-6 11).Transmitter?standard??DEVO-7E (not included) 12) .Transmitter?Optional??DEVO-6/7e/8s/10/12s (not included)

Length: 5:47 Mins
I have posted a Video here unlike the other 2 viewers and have other Master CP videos at youtube have a total of 159 videos posted there of most of my 31 helos and quads I have, so back to Master CP, yes I heard about the servos stripping, I bought a couple extras just in case, so far no problem with any broken parts and I have slammed the helo on the ground twice with nothing more than the Main motor moves and disengages the pinon from the main gear saving your gear, head and servos, maybe the guys stripping servos have their Main motor tighten down to hard, I love the fact mine will the pinon away from the main gear in any crash, hard landing or abrupt stopping of the blades, saves parts, you can tell by the video the head speed is very fast even though its a 200 size helo the motors spins and sounds like that from a 400 or 450 class, love this helo a bit high here though its $140 at banggood dot com, I got mine when it 1st came out $99, so I really got a steal on it. Mine works great with my Devo 7, I already had a 2 and 3 cell balanced charger and got my batts from Ebay for $15 each free shipping on all of this.

Us ship walkera master cp size electric rc helicopter11 US Ship Walkera Master CP 200 Size Electric Rc Helicopter