Syma S102G RC Helicopter


I’ve owned many of the Syma mini Helis… S100, SO22, SO26, S108G and Syma’s best flying heli prior to this, the S107. In all, I’ve got around 13 of these things. Note that all of these birds closely match each other in flying qualities and you cannot go wrong with any of them, except for the S100. With this said, here are my ratings:
S102G – UH60 – The best! Flies much “heavier”. For it’s size, it has finer control than all the others… It’s not “All or nothing” control. Flies most like my bigger gas-powered ones.
S107G (Flying Fish head) – The best up until this point, for my airgroup, anyway.
S026 (Little Chinook CH-47) – No Gyro and requires a little more attention but still fun to fly. Everyone should have a tandem rotor.
S022 (Big Chinook CH-47) – No Gyro but its bigger size makes it more stable.
S108G (Cobra) – It tends to fly with the “All or nothing” control feel that I mentioned earlier. It has a nice scale outline and, if you dig scale birds, you should have it.
S100 – Cute, smallest of them all and not really of the same size class. Has no gyro and will work you! Nice lights in the air though. Seems to settle down and become easier to fly after 2 minutes… when the battery dies down some. Flies for ~7min.

The Syma S102g is a 5 star mini helicopter. This helicopter is slow enough for any beginner learning how to fly. This is a 3.5 channel,not a 3 channel. The difference is a 3.5 channel gyro will correct itself and will yaw in flight. A more realistic flight operation. The detail of 102g is realistic and the forward red and blue flashing lights look great. I love lights. The more the better, I say. Anyway, if this is your first or next mini helicopter, you can’t go wrong. The 102g is very durable and the battery life is around 10 minutes with a full charge. Very fun to fly and the learning curve will take no time at all. Highly recommended. Flies as good. if not better than the Syma S107.

Syma s g rc helicopter1 Syma S102G RC Helicopter