Protocol Tracer Jet with Gyro 3.5 Channel Remote Control Helicopter

  • 3.5 Channel Remote Control Helicopter
  • Tracer Jet with Gyro
  • Gyro stabilixer for precise omn-directional flight
  • Bright flashing multi-colored LED lights

World’s best flying helicopter. Protocol’s Tracer Jet RC Helicopter with Gyro is a marvel of maneuverability in flight. This is the world’s best flying indoor helicopter thanks to its built-in gyroscopic circuit. With its omni-directional 3.5 channel infrared remote control and co-axial auto-stabilizing rotors, our Tracer Jet provides responsiveness and pinpoint accuracy for precise flight and easy handling! Realistic details such as its dual LED spotlights complete the experience. Protocol’s TracerJet RC Helicopter with Gyro is RC at its best…roger that!

So, for christmas me and my brothers got a tracerjet protocol heli, i can sum the whole thing up in three words.BEST MICRO-COAXIAL EVER………. I love this heli to death. It flies great i mean its a little wobbly, i mean if you get it so it stays at the same height it goes forward a little bit. little deal however otherwise its great, it has better battery life than it says i think (although i’ve never timed it or anything). One little downside, is when we were flying for some reason a wire connected to the battery got dislodged but my dad welded it back easy. I have had a very sucky toy rc heli before (it was horrible) and to that heli the tracerjet is like a single rotor collective pitch 3d flyer. thanks for taking a look at my review.
Protocol tracer jet with gyro channel remote control helicopter1 Protocol Tracer Jet with Gyro 3.5 Channel Remote Control Helicopter

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