Odyssey Flying Toys 12″ Typhoon Helicopter

  • Includes alloy structure
  • Electronic fine tuning, flying more stable with gyro
  • All round 3 channel control
  • Advanced intelligent balance system
  • LED lights across the frame
The new Odyssey 333 Typhoon is a 3 channel indoor co-axial helicopter. The 333 comes equipped with a high grade metal body frame and a built in Gyroscope which is used to stabilize the helicopter’s heading. The 333 is controlled by a 32 level high precision speed controller Gyro, it automatically stabilizes the rotor blade system for steady lift off and maintains control through your flying session. The high carbon fiber propellers are powered by 2 solid motors with a third motor in the tail rotor, gives this machine the power you need. The 333 comes with a high capacity Li-Poly battery which is good for longer flight time, The 333 is a great model for any beginner, from kids to adults.

Product Description

The Typhoon RC Flying Helicopter Medium Red makes a great present to your friends or family. Utilizing a Gyroscope technology, this remote-controlled helicopter guarantees superior flight stability. It features three channels that enable you to control chopper in three directions. You can either fly it up or down, turn left or right, or move forward or backward. Also equipped with a dedicated half channel, it lets you manage the speed of the helicopter with amazing ease. Get your hands on the Typhoon RC Flying Helicopter Medium Red right away!

Odyssey flying toys typhoon helicopter1 Odyssey Flying Toys 12 Typhoon Helicopter