mSR X RTF RC Helicopter

  • AS3X® Digital Flybarless System
  • High-precision, long-throw linear cyclic servos
  • Light disc loading and high-performance rotor blade design
  • Caged tail motor mount and Coreless main and tail motors
  • MLP4DSM 2.4GHz DSM2® 4-channel transmitter with batteries

The Blade® brand raises the bar yet again with the mSR X heli—the world’s first fixed-pitch ultra micro heli with advanced AS3X® flybarless stabilization.

First lets be clear – this is not to be confused with a first gen mSR. Its harder to fly and its a steep learning curve especially if you don’t have prior 4 or 6 channel heli experience. If you’re new to helis, get a mCX2, mSR (if you can find one), or a NE solo Pro first to get the controls down and you’ll be in a better place to jump to this.

Having said that, its that much faster and more fun to fly once you learn to do it. The stock TX is OK, but you will want a computerized radio (Spektrum DX6i is popular) to really bring this heli into its own. But those radios are as expensive as the heli itself unless you get them used. This RTF heli comes from Blade with the heli, a transmitter,(TX) a battery, a charger, a small screw driver and an extra tail rotor. (I’d rather they put a set of blade grips and hardware in instead of the tail rotor, more on that below.)

Now to be honest, this heli has some weak spots in durability out of the box. First and foremost: If you crash it under power, and you will eventually, expect to break a link ball off of the stock blade grips. This is the most common thing to break, so get a few of those grips as spares. Fortunately the grips are the same as the first gen mSR and the mSR aftermarket grips and rotor heads will work. Using them will increase the reliability of the heli significantly.

Secondly, the main motor seems to burn out much quicker than the original mSR motor did, so you’ll need to keep a few of these handy as spares too. ($10 a pop) Some people are reporting some servo trouble also after flying it for awhile. Mostly some TLC will fix it with no problem, but you need to know what works for this. I have one servo horn on mine (Part on the servo that drives the push rod) that seems to have stripped out early so I have a warranty ticket in with the manufacturer. I don’t think Blade is selling the servo gearing separately from the 4-n-1 board for this like they did for the mSR.

If you don’t mind all of the above and do get some flying time in with it, it turns out to be a real blast to fly. Much faster and more responsive than a coax, Solo Pro, or first gen mSR. It can handle being outside in low winds (5-10mph max) with little problem. Experts will be able to fly in slight gusts too. Its a great trainer for bigger fixed pitch/CP helis and if you get comfortable with it, you can probably handle a small CP heli such as the mCPx with little extra effort.

Msr x rtf rc helicopter11 mSR X RTF RC Helicopter