MJX F645 F45 4ch LCD 2.4GHZ Rc Helicopter Review

I have six helicopters and so far this is the one that sees more air time. This is a very sturdy, crash resistant, very maneuverable, stable, and good looking helicopter. This is my second MJX F-45. I bought this one because I lost the first one due to pilot error and couldn’t find it. The first one had over 100 flights with no mayor problems at all. The range of it’s remote control is incredible. Sometimes it goes farther than the 150 meters that the factory claims it has. I highly recommend this product. If you want to enter into this hobby but don’t want to spent a lot of time and money in repairs, this is the helicopter to have.
Ok, I bought this way back in March when I was still crashing the S107g daily. I mastered the S107g and moved onto the V911 (also another great bird). I “somewhat” mastered the 4 channel V911 and moved onto this Heli; maybe a little too early :/

First off, U must fly this an a wide open area. When I first torqued it up I did so in my front tree filled yard; not a good idea. So I flew a little…crashed a lot. This Heli stood up to the test. Very durable but it can be broken as I did break mine. However, I was able to fix it and went back to practicing some more with the V911.

Last night, I went to the local H.S. fields and this baby flew !! I killed 2 batteries and didn’t crash once. I had barely any wind and it was dusk. I had the most fun ever flying last night with this helicopter than I ever had before !!!!

Very forgiving and easy to control. With that said, I learned through trial, error, here (Amazon), UTube and various other R/C Websites that I CAN fly these things and fly ‘em quite well ! Oh and btw, Electric R/C is the way to go !! I used to fly gas powered R/C planes and I am sooo done with that. Electric is the only way to go; cheaper, cleaner, less labor intensive.

So o.k., in closing, if you want to get into this hobby (specifically flying R/C Helicopters) I would recommend the path I have taken. I am by no means an accomplished R/C Heli Pilot but I am well on my way ! If you start out with the Syma S107g or the Hero R/C equivalent and master it then move onto the V911 and then master that !! Next, move on up to this and ur well on your way! Happy Fly’n !!! icon biggrin MJX F645 F45 4ch LCD 2.4GHZ Rc Helicopter Review

Mjx f f ch lcd ghz rc helicopter review1 MJX F645 F45 4ch LCD 2.4GHZ Rc Helicopter Review