Mini Versa S977 Spy RC helicopter – 3.5CH Spy helicopter

  • Elastic/Flexible Blades – Same Size as S107 Syma
  • Left corner side switch is Video ON/OFF, the big red button with the Camera logo on it (lower left) is the Photo button and the decorating lights button
  • Packed with a 300,000 Pixel Camera for Video and Photo, one click away from the Transmitter
  • Elastic blade, rotor head, gears and landing skids, you crash and reset the heli, it flies again
  • Extra Blades, FREE Mini SD card and USB Reader , Durable Remote

Actually, it’s a 3.5-Channel heli, but what does that mean? For your first RC Heli, usually the fewer the channel the easier to fly. A 3-Channel Heli is the best for first time flyers, you get to control Throttle Up and Down, Moving Forward and Backward and Heading Left and Right. This S977 SPYCAM has an extra channel to control the Camera ON and OFF, you can press a button on the transmitter to start shooting video and stop shooting, or taking still pictures into the 512MB Micro SD Card (Included), then you open the photos on the computer using the USB card reader (Also included), it’s the totally package, you open box and have fun right the way. One more thing we noticed that the S977 SPYCAM has great weight balance, we move the throttle stick and then we leave it, the heli is like floating in mid-air, we hands off the transmitter, it’s amazing, the stability is off the scale, so just point the heli’s camera to your target and press the shoot button, and you’ll get a great video or photo. Ages 14+

Mini versa s spy rc helicopter ch spy helicopter1 Mini Versa S977 Spy RC helicopter   3.5CH Spy helicopter