Mindbending WLToys Flying BUBBLE COPTER Helicopter

  • Super cool – blows bubbles by remote control
  • Well constructed: beautiful and sturdy
  • Remote Controlled LED lights
  • Auto-pilot Demo Mode
  • Speedy USB charger and Ergonomic IR Controller

Is the helicopter actually any good? Yes! This helicopter isn’t made by just anybody, it’s made by the Famous WLToys, inventors of the hobby-grade V911 helicopter and V929 and v939 quad copters. It’s extremely fun to fly, and it has insane functions like blowing bubbles and color-changing LED lights that are controlled by the transmitter. Nobody has ever seen anything like it. I know its hard to believe that it could be a decent helicopter, but it’s actually 3.5 channel and a heckuva lot of fun to fly around. It comes in a gorgeous window gift box, along with everything you need except AA batteries for the transmitter. It has a little bubble-fluid injection kit to fill up the tank with bubble water. It has a built-in machine gun that shoots bubbles. Like the other products from WLToys, this one is a winner.

I bought this for my husband as he is an avid rc flier. This heli came earlier than expected thanks to a wonderful seller that Amazon chose. This little toy has put many smiles on his face. I think he wants to get another one.
Mindbending wltoys flying bubble copter helicopter1 Mindbending WLToys Flying BUBBLE COPTER Helicopter