Hausler 450P Standard Version Electric Helicopter RTF

  • Highly Stable Flybar Control System
  • The Aluminum Alloy components are Rigid High Precision
  • High Precision Bearing Mixing Arms
  • Newly Designed High Resolution Swashplate
  • Belt Driven Rotor, which is Easily Adjustable for a More Stable Flight and Low Noise

You can take the Helicopter Out of the Box and Fly with it with/without little adjustments. This model (450P) Helicopter can not do 3-D flying. IMPORTANT NOTICE: 1. For RTF and RTR products, operator is responsible to check ensure the item is fully functioning before use. Due to it is impossible to determine for certain whether Crash Damage was the result of a radio system failure, defective component or misuse. The Warranty Doesn’t Cover Crash Damage. 2. The 6CH Transmitter can not be used as “Simulator”. Connect Transmitter using USB cable to computer, may wipe out the originally per-settled program in Transmitter. 3. Watch the safety issues before operating. 4. Fuselage color will be either Blue or Black color. 5. If you are the beginner, you will need have someone know how to fly 6CH Helicopter to coach you. Otherwise, buying a “Training Gear” will prevent you crash damaged the Helicopter. 6. Frame body has been changed from blue metal frame body to carbon fiber frame body in order to reducing weight and improving strength.

Hausler p standard version electric helicopter rtf1 Hausler 450P Standard Version Electric Helicopter RTF