F103 Fire Wolf Mini AVATAR RC Helicopter


This is my first Helicopter and I like it.
RF controlled meaning this will be a short distance indoor “line of sight to the remote control” type of flying. Keep out of the bright sunlight when possible.
Durability is great so far though I imagine these toys break often as they fly upwards fast! The box came with a set of replacement parts.
The helicopter flys for 7min and requires a 30min charge between which can be done from the remote or through a computer usb port.

Controls are… frustrating but hey its just a toy right?
Lift is the Left Analog Stick up/down. This is the only stick not “spring loaded” to go back to center and it is very sensitive.
Straffing left/right is done with the Left Analog which is spring loaded.
…and its pretty hard to straf without screwing with your Lift
Move forward/back is the Right Analog Stick
Turning left/right is also on the Right Analog Stick.
There is also a wheel to calibrate the Lift Blades to achieve stability.

There are nice videos on youtube if you want to see it in flight.

Great gift for a kid, I was the cool Aunt that gave good gifts. Its actually more resistant than one would think.
F fire wolf mini avatar rc helicopter1 F103 Fire Wolf Mini AVATAR RC Helicopter