Excalibur Warbird II Remote Controlled Chopper

  • Easy to fly with superior stability
  • Full size chopper with durable metal construction
  • Powerful motor and gyroscopic control

Power, sophistication, control and SIZE. This hi tech chopper will soar through the open sky. Built for OUTDOOR flight. Built to dominate. The Warbird is a full size chopper with durable, metal construction, powerful motors and gyroscopic control. It’s easy to fly with its superior stability. This 3.5 Channel chopper comes with a wireless, long distance radio control remote for open, outdoor flight. Brilliant landing lights are perfect for night missions. AC adaptor for convenient charging.

I’m very fond of this mid-size, 15-inch helicopter. Let me highlight its Outstanding Value:
-Durable and, should you need to replace any parts (including the battery), you can easily do it with minimum mechanical ability. I strongly recommend getting extra blades because at this size those powerful motors will shatter the blades should you strike anything other than grass.
-Easy-to-fly. Once you’ve adjusted the trim it will hold a very nice hover in low wind conditions.
-I particularly like the “smart-charger” that it comes with. Not only does it protect your battery from over-charging, but the bright red LED will change to a bright “GO-Green” once it is fully charged! You don’t have to time it…
-Really cool, brilliant, pulsating (multi-colored) LED display for night flying.
-Excalibur delivers an awesome, mid-size chopper at a reasonable price and on time!

Excalibur warbird ii remote controlled chopper1 Excalibur Warbird II Remote Controlled Chopper