The mail man brought this to the door step today 9/5/2012 outside box was beat up, not the sellers fault the inside box looked good packed ok. I read the instructions as with anything charged the unit when the light came on telling me it was all ok and ready. I eased the throttle up slow the unit flew straight up, I couldnt control it at all then it just stopped. no luck yet as of yet getting it going no trouble shooting tips in the book. over all it looks nice but unfortunately it does not work at all. contacted the seller to see if I can get a refund or another unit maybe this one was a bad one not sure what the problem is. I will give a update when I hear from the seller if any one else has one of these please email me at : system328 at yahoo
I will give a update when I hear from the seller. oh and this was a amazon purchase cost of item at the time $37.15.

Update: 9/5/2012 I contacted the seller before leaving seller feed back here was sellers response:
Dear Customer,
We just received your feedback. Sorry for the inconvenience. Due to Amazon policy we are not providing label for return shipments. But today we will send you new unit. Here is the FedEx tracking number for it;—————–. You can track the package in couple hours. If you want you can keep the old one for parts. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Hope you will not have any problem with the second item. Customer feedback’s have crucial importance for our business, if you can update your feedback we would really appreciate that.
Thank You
Best Regards
Deal Me Deal

I have not recieved my Item yet, so I can not tell you how well it works and flys. As for the broken unit it seems to be built pretty sturdy, but the controller seems cheap. when the new unit arrives and if it works, I can trouble shoot the problem. I did some research and its more than likely the main pc board or the controller unit I will give a update tomorrow.
(Note:) I did see the same Ir helli from this same seller at much higher prices and much lower ones ranging from 31 dollars to 44 dollars and change so look around first before buying. (FYI) if I would have paid the shipping and left seller a good review this place would have let me pay more without sending another unit.In my opinion if you pay 37.15 for a item it should work out of the box and not cost anymore than that, unless its something the buyer does to affect its preformance.. also you can find this F106 unit on here for around 17 dollars. The same seller selling the same unit (just different colors).

Update: 9/8/2012 got the new unit today it’s okay and working (yay). It has a A,B,C mode on the controller and A and B are to easy to fly C is good for me more controll although its really snappy up and down, but forward and reverse it could be faster overall for the size, cost, charge time its a good heli for around 20 to 30 bucks.AS for the seller they did make things right, so on a scale of 1-10 I give the seller a 9 for service only because if I didnt say something about the return shipping charges on the bad unit they would have let it be just that. over all his communication is very good and professional. now I can change my Review to what it deserves.

I will update with video as soon as I charge my camera. hope this helps

I picked this up after playing around with a couple of Syma 3-channel gyro-helis for about a month. I took a bit of a gamble and ordered this 4-channel heli. I expected it to be a bit harder to fly as it does add the ability to move side to side and figured it would take some getting used to, and it does. It can do tricks that the Syma choppers can’t, but unfortunately, it’s just not as stable or as responsive as the excellent Syma S107G or the nearly-as-good S111G. Periodically, when lowering the throttle slightly, the heli will act as I dropped it to zero-throttle and plummet to the ground – which I respond to by giving it full throttle, then it catches and hits the ceiling; it’s very difficult to master. When starting, you have to give it a lot of throttle to “leap” it into the air otherwise it pitches over and either falls or lurches around uncontrollably, then quickly adjust to gain control. Again, the Syma helis are much easier to master with this regard. Last night my son and I took turns trying to precision land with his S111G and my new F106 and it was no contest – neither of us could get the F106 to hit the spot (I did get it once after 20 tries) but we could both easily get the S111G to hit it almost every time.

The controller has an A/B/C switch, which lets you change the difficulty of the controls as well as the setup. A is for “demonstration” mode (or something) where you can only go up/down/forward/reverse (2 channel). B sets the controls like the Syma 3-channels where the right stick left/right rotates left/right and the left stick (throttle) left/right performs a left/right slide. C swaps the left/right functions of the sticks, which I believe, makes it behave like a higher-end model heli. The flexibility is nice, but with the cheap controllers, it’s really challenging to operate whatever function is tied the the left/right of the throttle – in B you can’t rotate left/right without accidentally bumping the throttle up or down, and in C you can’t slip left/right without bumping the throttle.

Note that the A/B/C switch on the controller DOES NOT select a frequency but only the configuration of the controls; you can’t fly two of these at once. It does interfere with some of the Syma remotes on some of their channels.

You can turn on and off the very-bright side lights from a button on the remote. This is a very cool feature and is great in a dark room. You can only turn them on/off when the helicopter is actually flying. When it lands (zero throttle) the button doesn’t seem to do anything, but the lights change to the last state you picked as soon as you throttle-up.

The “Accel” button on the right-hand side doesn’t seem to do anything in B or C mode. I suspect it’s for A mode. The manual is (of course) badly translated: “When press the acceleration function key on the right of the transmitter, the helicopter will be accelerating to the fastest speed, if you need to decelerate, just press the key again.” (picture of the heli with an arrow showing it moving forward)

The package included spare blades (one upper, one lower) and two spare tail rotors. With two boys who like to play “helicopter wars”, the spare blades are handy.

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