CH-53 Super Stallion helicopter Review

  • Free stand included
  • Collector quality diecast metal models
  • Educational collectorÕs cards
  • 8 1/2Ó to 11Ó long
The first CH-53E needed repair parts. Since then I have been able to make snazzy desk models for friends at the office who work on the CH-53E and MH-53E. Sharpie pens and Sharpie paint pens do well to add detail and improve the camouflage scheme. Elmer’s glue is essential to install the strut found on the tail rotor and support the stabilizer fin. The antennas, pitot tubes, and other details can be added using leftovers from plastic model kits. Just received my most recent pair of CH-53Es…Starting work on them tonight. Homemade refueling probe/mast can be inserted on pilot’s side of cockpit area. DO NOT SET ON LANDING GEAR…Keep CH-53E on mount.
Ch super stallion helicopter review1 CH 53 Super Stallion helicopter Review