Blade Nano QX RTF


The tiny Nano QX is RC flying fun you can take with you everywhere. The Nano QX weighs little more than half an ounce and is small enough to fly in extremely small spaces and features exclusive SAFE™ technology.

I bought this for my 9 year old (and myself) to mess with. I wasn’t naive enough to think he could master it himself without a bit of work, but the reason I bought this is because of this from the product website: “The Nano QX uses the SAFE(tm) technology system with sophisticated flight control software to keep itself stable in a hover while in stability mode. If you get in trouble, just let go of the sticks. The SAFE technology system will bring the Nano QX back to a hover all by itself.” This is a complete lie. We’ve had the thing for two days now, and while it is impressive how it keeps itself level, it will by no means “hover” without serious, concentrated intervention from the operator. I have been unable to keep it under control for any prolonged length of time indoors. Even if it would stay in place horizontally, keeping it from hitting the ceiling or floor is a challenge. We have not taken it outside because we have a pool… we could go to a big field someplace, but the battery life is about 5 minutes. It has been lightly crashed numerous times, which is unavoidable, and it seems fairly durable, but after two days one of the skids is split, and the blades became loose on their shafts and needed to be replaced with the provided spares.

I think the bottom line is that with effort you could become proficient flying this, but it’s still most appropriate for a hobbyist who will buy multiple batteries and spare parts and plan on fussing with things and replacing parts on regular basis. Parts are readily available, so this is reasonable if you have the energy for it.

Blade nano qx rtf1 Blade Nano QX RTF