Blade 120 SR Bind-N-Fly version without remote

  • Sub-Micro size
  • 100% factory-assembled, test-flown and ready-to-fly right from the box
  • Unique rotor head designed specifically to provide stability of a coaxial helicopter and agile contr
  • Factory installed 5-in-1 control unit with Spektrum 2.4GHz DSM2-compatible receiver, main motor ESCs

Fast. Agile. Stable. Fun. The 120 SR is a single-rotor, fixed-pitch heli with positive stability for indoor and outdoor use. Bind-N-Fly version without transmitter, for those who already own a DSM2 aircraft transmitter.

Its funny that everybody talks about the fixed pitch helicopters being a stepping stone to the godlike experience of flying collective pitch helicopters. “It’s a nice trainer” is one phrase they say. “Good to learn the basics on” is another. I think this is all crazy talk. I got sucked into this train of thought and bought a more expensive collective pitch machine that I would almost have to quit my job to learn. I just don’t have the time to figure out all of the things it takes to fly and maintain a collective pitch machine. I just want to fly.

After having it for a month now, I say that the Blade SR 120 is the perfect followup to the Blade MSR. It’s a bigger MSR but with more punch! Since I have bought the SR 120, I fly the MSR inside only and the 120 outside. When I first got into helicopters I trained on the MCX for a week and then bought the MSR and flew it (and crashed it) over a hundred times inside and outside before I got it right and now the SR 120 comes along and it is so much better for flying outside. And whoever says it is no good to fly outside is really full of it in my opinion. There is nothing more entertaining and rewarding as fighting a strong breeze with the SR 120. It has a seemingly better power to weight ratio than the MSR and the extra mass (105 grams vs 26 grams) makes it controllable where the MSR would be blown away. Crashes are getting more and more rare but the few I’ve had with the 120 haven’t resulted in more than one part broken and in most I have not broken any parts at all. I really love it.

If I had any advice to offer to someone getting into helis I would recommend that they buy the “Bind N Fly” or BNF version Blade MSR first along with a Spektrum DX6i transmitter and learn on those and then buy the BNF SR 120. After that, you might not see a need to go any “further” in pursuit of flying. Oh, and buy Lipo batteries four at a time and if you want them to last don’t fly them until the heli hits it’s LVC shutdown voltage. This roughly equates to flying the MSR for 5 minutes and the SR 120 for 6 minutes.

Epilog: I ran into tail motor troubles with the 120 and so I don’t fly it so much since I haven’t yet got the mfrs tech line on the phone. I have just bought the collective pitch McpX heli which is smaller but it has a three axis stability system and is superior to all of the fixed pitch micros. It is a really cool heli. I would skip the 120 and go for the MCPx. The MSR fixed pitch micro is good for learning orientation but the MCPx is three times the machine but takes some experience to fly. Still go for the bind and fly version and buy at least a Dx6i controller.

Blade sr bind n fly version without remote1 Blade 120 SR Bind N Fly version without remote