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For old helicopter enthusiasts, the differences between the types of models available are easy to understand because they have experience with them but for new pilots, it helps if you read a little. Let us look at some of the more common types of rc helicopters available now so you know where to start.


RTF models are great for someone new to the sport because they do not have to deal with the setting up process; they can fly them right out of the box. However, sometimes, even RTF kits require assembly and tuning before the rc helicopter can go up; so if you buy one be ready to put it together before buying.

Coaxial rc helicopter

Coaxial helicopters are a popular choice among rc helicopter enthusiasts because of their unequivocal stability when in the air that makes them easy to fly in the compound because the are predictable. Among the best rc helicopters labeled ready to fly, these ones actually come fully tuned and ready to fly so there is no tinkering; you can just open the box and get it in the air.
Avid flyers often prefer the collective pitch because it is more agile, moves faster and is generally reserved for experienced people. It has its downsides though like its many moving parts, which make it vulnerable to breakage and therefore, it requires more maintenance. In addition, there is the fact that it takes longer to learn how to fly. A fixed pitch does not have as many moving parts and would be ideal for beginners.

Most rc controllers have two sticks and the left is used for throttle and yaw. The left and right movement you get when you turn the control is what is called yaw. Moving the control stick up will increase the blade speed and will take the helicopter higher. The right stick is used for cyclic controls or pitches and roll movements. If you push the stick up, the helicopter will tilt forwards and therefore fly forward and if you pull the control stick backwards, the reverse will happen.

When flying your best rc helicopters for the first time, you should start off by focusing on one control stick until you master it and then work the two of them as you continue to gain confidence. After you have learned the basics of flying the helicopter, you can then start to play around with some old tricks like the figure 8, which is a classic and requires that you learn how to fly the helicopter in any direction regardless of where it is facing.

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